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Wondering what's an Integrated Billing Platform?
Well, Its a Billing software that will upgrade it self for the new requirements you might have as your business grows
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Most successful businesses start of small, before they monopoly the world's share in their business arena.
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Addon solutions for your new requirements and make your business process a Fool Proof process.

Gadget Independent Usage

Desktops,Laptops,Tablets,Phablets,Mobiles etc.

Intelligent Analytics

AI driven Analytics helping in precise business decisions

Highly Secured

Every data request and its response are monitored with a set of rules

Multiple Level Accounts

Create multi level accounts for your staff and secure confidential data

Our Core Features

  • RESTful API
  • NDA[Non Disclosure Agreements]
  • Multilevel Users
  • AI Powered Analytics
  • Subscription [Annually,Quaterly,Semi Annually]
  • OAuth 2.0 Secured
  • Outlet Independent Billing
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Industries Currently We Support

Varied industries billing process is automated by TechBillers. Currently supported ones are here

Food | Resturants

POS Billing software for Resturants,Pizza Joints,Cafes,Bars,Food Trucks,Multi Chain Resturants,Food Delivery Joints,Fine Dines.

Computer Sales and Support

One stop solution for the inventory,bills,POs,Service Ticket Management etc..


Managing Laundry has never been so easy, But yes, Now its possible
Managing Customers,Inimating Customers,Magnaging Vendors,Allocating Jobs etc.

Manufacturers/Assembly units/OEMs

Orders Tracking,Invetory of Raw materials and finished products seperately,Request management,Staff Management etc..

Suppliers and Distributers management

Companies and their delars, manage their orders and track team activities etc..

Retail and Wholesale Industries

Easy POS billing and inventory,discounts and product shelf life management, Loyalty/Memberships , seasonal offers,customer purchase history etc..

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